April 27, 2017 : Shingle Removers Work Hard For You

Ripping off stubborn shingles can be a tiresome, all-day task for roofers. Whether you are pulling up an entire roof or just a smaller section, a shingle remover can make your job much more efficient. Jack the Ripper Shingle Remover takes all of the tough work out of your roof replacement, by quickly cutting through even the most difficult shingle materials. Lightweight and with an 8-inch serrated blade, this shingle remover can get the job done.

The Jack the Ripper Shingle Remover provides over 48 inches of leverage to make the load easier on your legs and back. Have our roofing tools work with you and make your job easier. Equipped with a steel handle and poly-D grip for maximum comfort and control, this shingle ripper cuts through heavy-duty shingles and stubborn materials to cleanly and completely remove the entire shingle. The sleek design ensures no nails or shingle remnants are left behind. Reshingle your roof in no time at all. This is a roofing tool to have handy at every job site.

Double the Teeth, Double the Work Relief

When you've got a stubborn scrap and need extra assistance, AJC Tools also has double the strength. The Double Dipper Shingle Remover is also available for your next roofing project. This shingle remover has double the surface area of the Jack the Ripper. Furnished with over 20 inches of steel, remove a massive amount of shingles much more conveniently. True to its name, the Double Dipper has two steel handles with the same poly-D grip as the Jack the Ripper shingle remover. Tear up stubborn roofing pieces with just one roofing tool. At only 13 pounds, the Double Dipper has a strong and simple structure, capable of doing most of the work for you. Prevent strain and injury with a shingle remover that cuts through even the most resilient shingles.

Clean Up Any Roof

With a solid, larger face, our shingle ripper can score any roofing surface in half the time. Shingle removers eliminate the need to bend over and no more strenuous jobs that take all day. Rip through roofing materials with the razor sharp teeth of the Jack the Ripper or Double Dipper Shingle Remover. Your next roof job is sure to be a success with the durability of an AJC Tools shingle remover. Don't be on-site without one and order one from AJC Tools today.