June 10, 2015 : Five Essential Roofing Tools for the DIYer

Five Essential Roofing Tools for the DIYer

If you are a DIY enthusiast, roofing is no joke and most jobs should be left to the pros. However, there are some jobs that you can do, and if you do them the right way, you will save yourself a ton of money! First things first. Are you comfortable working at a great height? If so, you should be able to complete general maintenance tasks including removing rotten materials, cleaning debris, and replacing nails.

Besides a ladder, you will need several different tools depending on what job you are trying to accomplish. To get you started, below are five essential tools that will come in handy when you're up a ladder repairing or maintaining your roof.

Magnetic Sweeper

AJC Mini Magnetic Sweeper 
Having a magnetic sweeper on hand will come in handy for tasks like loading up your nail bag, picking up nails in gutters and cleaning metal debris from confined spaces. We have the AJC Mini Magnetic Sweeper at the awesome price of just $25.99 – perfect for the DIYer!

Hand Saw

Fixing or removing rotten wood is a potential DIY job. You could use an electric circular or reciprocating saw, which are essential for the really tough jobs. But if your job is simple, a hand saw will work perfectly fine. It's a pretty basic tool but it is much easier to deal with than electric saws because you don’t have to run extension cords up to your roof.

Tape Measure

The tape measure is another important tool. Make sure you attach one to your tool belt because there is a good chance that you'll be measuring something on your roof at some point. Make sure your tape is one with a 25 foot measuring capability.

Trowel & Bucket

You will need a towel for spreading cement, and just about any small size will work fine. You should also consider a flat nose trowel which is particularly good for cleaning out the bottom of your bucket. When it comes to the bucket itself, consider a roofer's ridged bucket. These are modified to sit on ridge tiles, are made from heavy duty plastic and have a batten/ladder hook.


Steel Loop Hammer Holder

The hammer is a DIY roofer’s best friend. To venture up a ladder without one could make you pretty useless. You need a hammer for removing and replacing nails, but it also becomes something of a multi-purpose tool.

If you want a hammer specifically for roof use only, consider a roofer's pick hammer. These are designed specifically for roofers and feature a spike for piercing holes, include claws for nail extraction and have magnetized heads for starting nails accurately. You might also want to purchase a hammer holder. We have these available with a steel hook which keeps the hammer from pivoting.
By having the right roofing tools and equipment you will make even the hardest jobs a little bit easier. So, whether you're working on a single story bungalow or a three-story townhouse, make sure you have the right roofing tools. Good luck!

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