January 24, 2012 : 5 Roofing Tools in the New Year

Top 5 Roofing Tools You Shouldn't Be Without 

 With the new year comes the inevitable ritual of creating some goals, some resolutions that we are going to fulfill in the new year. Maybe in this new year, you’re resolving to finally lose those extra pounds you threw on after beach season ended. Perhaps this is going to be the year you finally finish reading all of those books you’ve been collecting over the years. Or maybe this is the year you get serious about taking care of your home and fixing it up.

If the latter resolution is the direction you would like to head in this year, we’ve assembled a list of the top 5 roofing tools that are must haves this year to help you accomplish your goal.

1) AJC Mag-Hatch Magnetic Faced Roofing Hatchet

 With a built-in utility blade and a magnet found on the striking face, this is one tool you don’t want to be on a roof without. It will allow you to insert felt cap and roofing nails at blazing speeds.

2) AJC Pick & Roll Roofing Seam Roller

 This little guy will make a world of difference this year when it comes to getting that new roof on your house. A seam roller and a weld probe pick in one, it does twice the work of a typical seam roller. It also extends and retracts to any position without any other tools necessary. The pick and the roller are at the same end, which makes it quick and efficient to switch between picking and rolling.

3) AJC Super Shear Single Cutter

 Designed by AJC Tools to be the best shingle cutting shear on the market, and that’s exactly what it is. This bad boy will cut through the thickest of laminate shingles and even chew threw some soft metals. It also has a patent-pending spring-loaded shear tension adjustment which lets the user adjust the amount of contact pressure in between the cuffing blades for various materials, less pressure for the thinner/softer materials and more pressure for thicker/tougher materials.

4) AJC Rolling Magnetic Sweeper

If you’re going to be doing any construction projects this year, whether roofing or otherwise, this is a very handy tool to keep around. With a heavy stainless steel box, strong wheel brackets and a tool-free adjustable height, this sweeper is ready to help you clean up any job, big or small.

Finally, if you’re going to work on your roof this year, you’re going to want to have the Shing-go shovel with you.