Nail Stripper

Nail Strippers

The AJC nail stripper is a heavy-duty nail dispenser and holder. Roofers - don't use a nail pouch when you can use the AJC Tools roofing nail stripper! This is specifically designed for wood nails while others are designed for composition nails. Our nail strippers make it easy to have nails ready and you’ll never stab your fingers again. Nail strippers are designed for either left or right-handed use, making them fit your building and roofing style even more.

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AJC Nail Strippers

AJC Nail Strippers

Product# 019-4

Two-row nail stripper. Steel loops on each side for neck and straps. (019-4RS pictured)
#019-4RS - Right Hand Comp Nail
#019-4LS - Left Hand Comp Nail 
#019-4RW - Right Hand Wood Nail
#019-4LW - Left Hand Wood Nail

  • Right Handed Models Pull Nails From Left Side (for right handed worker)
  • Left Handed Models Pull Nails From Right Side (for left handed worker)

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