AJC Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sweepers

Quick and convenient safety is close at hand with the AJC Tools & Equipment line of powerful magnetic sweepers. Our rolling magnetic sweeper with wheels features a heavy steel box, strong wheel brackets, and a folding handle for easy clean-up and storage. For hand-held convenience, choose from our hand-held magnetic sweeper or the AJC Mini-Magnetic Sweeper.  Each magnetic sweeper is lightweight, portable, and ideal for use on pavement, in grass, or confined spaces. To pull even the most stubborn metal debris out of hiding, our Rolling Magnetic Sweeper Rake Attachment is highly effective, ideal for use in grass and gravel. Contact us with any questions you may have.

AJC Magnetic Sweeper Pickup Tools – Made in the USA!
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Releasable Hanging Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

Releasable Hanging Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

Product# 070-HMR48

Price: $289.00

If you’re on a job site with a forklift, put it to use and make your clean up a breeze! The AJC releasable forklift magnet is 48 inches wide and can be suspended with a chain. The magnet can be attached to forks, bumpers (front or back), etc., and features 1,000 lbs of magnetic pull and a unique lever load release.
Built out of heavy duty aluminum/steel welded solid construction, this magnetic pickup tool is proudly made in the USA. Free Shipping to continental United States!


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