Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Tools & Equipment

Metal roofing tools are expected to be stronger and more durable than most tools; AJC Tools & Equipment meets and exceeds those expectations with our line of metal roofing tools.

Our roofing tongs are forged from steel, hardened, and tempered for the ultimate in on-the-job performance, available in 3" widths with cushioned comfort grips in both standard and off-set designs.

We have hemming tools capable of bending metal roof sheeting in a multitude of widths to meet whatever demands your job site calls for, with profiles ranging from 11 ¼” to 20”. We also have roofing seamers which lock clean, straight bends and seams in order to ensure that no tool marks are left behind, giving the job a professional, polished finish. Our collection of metal roofing tools also includes our practical, tough AJC Hand Riveter.

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